Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Morrocan Hammam Bath is a worthwhile expérience.. Seeing dead skins being sloughed off will typically make you gape so hard that you find it hard to pick up mouth from the floor.

A much coveted spa treatment, Moroccan baths ranks as one of the most effective and natural means to achieve a glowing skin.

With the changes in the economy, a few beauty enthusiasts have had to cut back on giving themselves luxury skin treatments, in order to save funds. But hey! Good news is you can carry out these beauty routines in your homes! Yes you! You can get the expérience for less with the following:

· Morrocan Black Soap

· Morrocan Kessa Sponge

· Morrocan Rhassoul/Ghassoul clay

· Source of steam( I boil a big pot of water in my bathroom and shut the windows and doors.

Morrocan Black Soap

Popularly known as "Beldi soap", this soap washes away all- but not your sins though.This soap made from olives is rich in nutrients. It is very rich in vitamin E which helps to make the skin firm and plump. It exfoliates the skin and at same time moisturizes it.

How to use on the face:

Steam your face ( put hot water in a bucket cover ur face with towel over it) allow the steam heat the face, do ds for 15mins or until steam reduces. Rinse you face with water, towel damp it (not totally dry) apply the morocan black soap on the face or you desired part of the body (spread it) and leave on for 30mins, wash off with sponge, scrub gently, anf rinse off with water

Morrocan Kessa Sponge

Kessa glove is used for removal of dead skin cells and accumulated germs. The peeling gives a sense of rejuvenation..Kessa sponge should not be used on sensitive areas of the body..Always soak the sponge before you use.

Morrocan Ghassoul clay.

Ghassoul (pronounced rassoul) is found at the bottom Moroccan Atlas Mountains. It is highly organic and filled with magnesium, calcium, and potassium. I add rose water to make sure it spreads well. After application, it makes the face tight, you will literally find it hard to breathe.

Steam room

Everything goes down here! The steam draws out the toxins in the form of sweat and gives a feeling of relaxation.

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